Which one should you choose – the sauna or steam room?

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It’s a question some may ask themselves – is the sauna or the steam room better for you? They can be seen as the same in that they both utilise high temperatures to induce sweating and increase the heart rate, which can both improve health and also help visitors relax. At The Stable, we offer … Read more

Why learning to relax is a necessity, not a luxury

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The fast pace of modern life means that at one time or another most of us, if not all, will face stress regularly as part of our lives. It’s hardly surprising. With long work hours it seems that standard eight hour days are a thing of the past, we’re constantly switched on and connected with … Read more

Do you really need to cool down after a workout?

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The cool down after a workout is one of those things that’s drummed into you from a young age. It will stop your muscles getting sore, make you more flexible, speed up recovery and make your performance better on your next workout. But is this really true? Recent studies have shown that the post-workout cool … Read more

How can you make the most of a steam session?

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Dating back to ancient Greece, steam rooms are extremely popular due to their relaxing effect and benefits they can offer health. If used properly, they can improve the condition of your skin and leave it feeling much smoother and softer as the steam will clear the skin of unwanted toxins. They are also extremely relaxing. … Read more

The importance of an early night

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Waking up feeling fresh and ready to go isn’t the only benefit of regularly getting a good nights sleep. In fact, having a good sleeping pattern and routine can help to reduce stress, improve physical performance and help with weight loss. Those who don’t get enough sleep can find that they are more prone to … Read more

Unwind at London’s premier gay sauna

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Feel like you need a break from your busy routine? Book yourself some you-time and make a trip to The Stable, London’s premier gay sauna. At The Stable, we offer a range of facilities which will allow you to completely unwind and leave feeling refreshed and invigorated. We offer a wonderfully relaxing professional massage service. … Read more

What you need to eat to get your abs beach ready

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Despite popular belief, a chiselled six-pack isn’t just the product of regular sessions in the gym – it’s also down to what you eat whilst you’re working out. Whilst pushing through hundreds of crunches in the gym will define and grow your ab muscles, all this work will be wasted if you don’t do something … Read more

Relax this bank holiday at The Stable

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Another long bank holiday weekend is approaching – we do love May! – so if you’re looking for some inspiration in London take a look at what The Stable can offer you this weekend. Sauna and steam room These facilities are the perfect place to refresh and rejuvenate after a long week of work – … Read more

Feeling tired after a day in the sun? Here’s why

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How have you been spending the hot weekend in London? When the sun comes out, London is a great place to be with so many stunning parks and great places to enjoy food and drink outside. However how often do you finish a day relaxing in the sun only to find yourself feeling more tired … Read more

What happens to your body and health when you embark a tough muscle building routine?

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When we think of muscle building, the main motive behind it tend to be get bigger and bulk up. However, whilst this is of course a huge plus of muscle building, intense workouts can also improve your metabolic rate – so you’ll be able to burn fat quicker, your actual strength levels and mental well-being. … Read more