What are the health benefits of yoga?

Traditional and conventional forms of exercise aren’t always for everyone. If you’ve never been into running, it can be hard to build stamina and enjoy different forms of cardiovascular exercise. Weight training can also be somewhat intimidating if you’re completely new to the idea. Yoga is a great alternative option. It provides all the health … Read more

Live longer with better male heart health

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Over 75 percent of heart attacks occur in men, and the risk of them occurring gradually increases after the age of 45. This high risk makes heart disease a serious health issue for men, however it’s a risk which can be managed and potentially lowered. What is heart disease? Heart disease can develop when the … Read more

Stress: How does it affect male health?

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Stress is often cited as the silent killer in men due to it’s damning effect on mental and physical health. If left untreated, stress can cause much bigger and more serious health problems including an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, anxiety and depression. Male health – how does stress affect it?  It shows on your … Read more

How can you effectively reduce stress and tension?

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We all get stressed now and then and usually it’s harmless and we get back to normal pretty sharpish. The problem is when these periods of stress become prolonged and start to have an effect on your health, mood and daily activities. Stress can have a nasty habit of creeping up on you. One minute … Read more