How to use your body to workout from home

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As much as we all like to try and stick to a consistent workout routine, attending classes and going to the gym as often as we can is not always possible. It’s important that we know how we can use what we have naturally when all else fails. Your body is the perfect piece of … Read more

How to work out in the heat

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Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink   Staying hydrated in the heat is vital at the best of times but especially while you’re working out. Of course, being hotter, you’re going to sweat a lot more and lose more fluid.   When you feel thirsty, it generally means you are already somewhat dehydrated. You … Read more

Take your workouts outside this summer

With summer approaching, it is about time we took advantage of any warm weather we can get! You don’t need to hide away in the gym all summer – there are plenty of exercises you can bring outdoors. Think about your surroundings. What can you use that local area has to offer? Are there benches … Read more

Explore the physical and mental benefits of a post-workout massage

You know it’s been a particularly good workout if you already know you’re going to wake up feeling sore in the morning. We believe that nothing is better for your post-workout body than a blissfully relaxing massage.   Your willingness to exercise regularly is already one sign of loving your body, but you shouldn’t stop … Read more

Can your health benefit from a cold weather workout?

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As the month of November draws to a close and December gets closer, it can be easy to neglect a fitness routine. However braving the cold weather and doing some exercise outside can actually offer a number of health benefits that can’t be achieved as easily in warmer temperatures. Did you know that people living … Read more

Avoid these rookie workout errors to see real gains in the gym

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It’s no secret that regular exercise is great for your health, but in order to gain the maximum benefit – whether it’s for muscle gain, general fitness or weight loss, you need to be doing the right things and not making the mistakes a lot of people make. One of the first mistakes people make … Read more

Last longer in the gym with these foods

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Boosting your endurance will not only benefit your workouts, but it will also give you more energy and motivation throughout the day. Hitting the gym regularly for some endurance training is a sure-fire way to increase your lasting ability, however there are some foods which can also give you a power boost and keep you … Read more